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janet reinerA Few Words From MIRS Title Search Company Owner About Clouded Title Issues With Homes


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“California Homeowner in Foreclosure Wins Quiet Title – It’s a Free House!” – Martin Andelman from Mandelman Matters Blog

My name is Janet Reiner with Mirs Title Search Company. Many of you might remember me as the Co-Host of John Wright at Piggybankblog on our weekly public television talk show. There are others of you who might remember me as the owner and operator of Mirs Title Search Company.

Mirs Title Search Company is a privately owned Washington State Company who tries to help homeowners avoid foreclosure by providing them with a report that displays any clouded title issues on thechain of title. A chain of title is the sequence of historical transfers of title to a property. The “chain” runs from the present owner back to the original owner of the property. The chain of title will include documents – judgments of delivery from estates – certificates of death of joint tenant – foreclosures – and judgments of quite titles and many other recorded transfer of a title of real property.

Dave Krieger wrote the book on Clouded Titles. No — really — Dave actually wrote the book “Clouded Titles”.


Dave Krieger explains in the interview how the banks used a “Mortgage Electronic Registry System” (MERS). In 2011 — Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. (MERS) became the subject of and onslaught of lawsuits from counties across the nation as District Attorneys allege the company never owned the loans they were facilitating foreclosures for — and in most cases — judges agree — and their authority to facilitate has been denied in several counties.

Has there ever been a homeowner who actually won a quite title because of clouded title issue? You bet there has! Martin Andelman at the Mandelman Matters Blog even wrote an article not too long ago titled — “California Homeowner Foreclosure Wins Quiet Title — It’s A Free House!”

“After considering the evidence presented by the Plaintiff, the court entered judgment in favor of Plaintiff and against the Defendants, thereby voiding her Trustee Sale and the Deed of Trust. So, presto-change-o… no more mortgage… as in… it’s a free and clear house! Ms. Saluto may still owe the debt, but the mortgage company is now like Visa or Mastercard, insecure because they’re unsecured. And no one wants to be unsecured, especially in bankruptcy court.” Martin Andelman from Mandelman Matters


Therefore — just like John Wright always says in his blog — “BAM!” — Mirs Title Search Company will be offering all Piggybankblog readers a 10% discount.

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