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Homes Free And Clear Would Save Economy Mr. President!


“I do not like the way it sounds if either the CHINESE or THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT were the ones to fraudclose on our American property.”


Written by John Wright

September 27th, 2011

I am still not sure why President Obama is so against people receiving their homes free and clear as there is nothing “free” about it;  especially since it was our taxpayer money that bought the loans owned by Fannie and Freddie.  Besides, who is the President of the United States to decide what should be decided in a court of law?  He may have been an attorney, senator and now the President, but I do not ever remember him being a judge.  Do any of you remember him being a judge?  After all Mr. President, the bible says “do not judge, and you will not be judged”, Luke 6:37.  I was told in a recent speech, President Obama said something along the lines of , “Well, that is not going to happen.” (Unconfirmed)   Well, I hate to tell him this, but if people do not received their homes free and clear, the only thing that is NOT going to happen is a second term for President Obama.  (Confirmed) 

There are several reasons for this, however I will name just two:

  • Notes: The banks do not have the original notes.  Instead they are using MERS, which is a COPY OF THE NOTE.  The reason we do not use copies is because using copies allows room for guess what?   FRAUD!  For example, let’s say I was allowed to use a copy of the pink slip of the car I own.  A copy of the pink slip (note) does not prove I am the rightful owner.  The banks do not have the right to make and use copies of notes to buy, sell service or foreclose on homes.  Neither does anyone have the right to copy pink slips for cars for that matter.  This would suggest that a private bank is above the law. If a private bank is allowed to use copies of legal documents it would allow room for the very fraud they are being accused of committing.  In some cases they have even fraudclosed on people’s homes where the people had actually paid cash and did not even have a mortgage.  This is only the tip of the iceberg of problems we will be experiencing if the banks are allowed to use copies of a legal documents they no longer possess.  The simple fact is that they do not have the note because they do not own it.  If I brought a COPY of a pink slip to prove ownership, the court would not accept it. Anything other than the original would not be honored as proof.   Therefore, why would the note on a home that is worth way more than a car be anything different Mr. President?  To consider the process as anything else Mr. President, might simply suggest that you may be doing political favors while also believing that you are above the law.


  • Investors: The banks are often unable to prove who the investors are in court.  They are only able to prove WHO THEY THINK THEY ARE.  There is a difference. Nevertheless, the whole problem was caused by their greed.  They not only sold homes to people that could not afford them, but also sold these potentially fraudulent loans over and over and over, chopping them into a million pieces.  Banks were simply too busy getting metaphorically drunk with greed;  and this very greed  fueled them while they totally disregarded not only the legal ramifications of their actions, but also the harm to American lives.  Furthermore, they did not care about the National Security of our country while compromising our economy.  And as if that were not enough, they forced the forclosed taxpayers who they are fraudclosing on to bail them out WITH OUR MONEY.  Talk about being hung with your own rope!  So I do not want to hear about how the American people will not get their Homes Free and Clear“.  This is because there has been NOTHING FREE ABOUT IT.  If the American people are wrong about the fraud that has taken place, maybe President Obama can explain to us why the federal government and investors are suing the banks?


I have also heard that the investors are paid top market value for your homes when they claim it on the insurance.  This might be why they want to lead you to fraudclosure.  Remember, there is gold in them there hills baby!  At any rate, I do not think the investor wants you to pay your mortgage monthly or get a loan modification.  They might want the instant insurance and sale money.  Now of course this means the American government would then need to bailout insurance companies like AIG.  Maybe that is exactly what the foreign economic enemy investor want, as this could surely cause the collapse the American economy.

Do you know what would be worse than Bank of Fleecing America being the “Servicer” of “notes-less loans” they sold to Fannie and Freddie?  What would be worse is if Fannie and Freddie (The U.S. Government) held “note-less” loans on AMERICAN HOMES.  Homes they might have sold to the CHINESE or other foreign entities.  That would now make Fannie and Freddie the loan “Servicers” for the Chinese and other foreign entities. It would also make Bank of Fleecing America the “Servicer” for the “Servicers” Fannie and Freddie, The United States of America. 

It is even worse, when you think that the investor who is denying your loan modifications might be THE CHINESE!  It seems President Barack Obama wants to allow Bank of Betraying America to use a photo copy of the note.  Could this mean he wants the “Servicers”, Fannie and Freddie (The U.S. Government) to also be able to use a photo copy of the note?

So, now now you know why the President seems to be protecting the banks (Wink)  Either way, I do not like the way it sounds if  the CHINESE or THE U.S. GOVERNMENT were to fraudclose on our American property.  It simply should not be part of our dialogue.  Let’s consider that our country originated from the Founding Father’s dreams and not the bank’s dreams or President Obama’s dreams.  In fact, according to history our Founding Fathers would turn over in their graves if they could see what’s happening right now.  This may beg the question:  What would Thomas Jefferson say to President Obama right now?

Thomas Jefferson 1802 – ‘I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered..’

Here, Mr. Jefferson is not talking about a “tax bailed out bank” (Bank of America) who is fraudclosing on our homes.  He would talking about the REAL BANK OF AMERICA fraudclosing on our homes.  Under this potentially scary scenario, the “bank” that I am talking about is The United States of America.  Sheeeesh…..I kind of feel like an American Indian right now.  The only difference is: FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is not moving us onto reservations or allowing us tax free casino incomes.  I say “Good for the American Indians”!  However, we might just now feeling the tip of that same iceberg the Indians felt when they were tricked out of their land by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT too!

President Obama might only be about what kind of economy his administration would have if banks were able to fraudclose with a photo copy of the note to protect these banks.  However, at any rate, I am not here to only talk only about problems.  Instead, I would like to offer a solution for the President and his economy.  I would like to give him my economic plan that would save both the economy and his presidency. In fact, my plan might turn our country into the shinning golden city on that hill while it rolls us into an economic boom that this country has never seen before.

Homes Free And Clear Economic Solution:

Now I am not sure why President Obama is so afraid of people receiving their homes free and clear.  After all, the banks do not have the notes.  The simple fact is that everyone would immediately become HOUSE RICH!  How would this help the economy? For the following reasons:

  1. Property Values increase:  People would likely want loans from the banks againg.  This time using “genuine” equity.  What would they do with this money?  They would instantly inject into the economy.  Some would be spending it on creating new businesses (good for the economy) other other would use it to by new home instantly (good for the market because it would raise the value of the homes around them)
  2. Banks Would Be Saved: The banks would be saved because there would be an instant flood of people wanting loans backed against honest, genuine equity in their homes.
  3. People Who Own Their Homes Benefit:   Some have theorized that people who paid the conventional way for their homes would be angry.  I agree but disagree. They will only be angry until their house value INSTANTLY jumps up by hundreds of thousands of dollars.  This is because many of those people who received their houses free and clear will now buy up all those houses in their neighborhoods.  Very quickly there will be a shortage of available homes as everyone will want to buy them at such honest, arrordable and legal prices.  The simple fact is that less homes on the market will mean your house value goes up.  More homes on the market will make your house value go down.  So everyone actually makes money on the “Homes Free and Clear Plan”  Instead of spiraling downward into the black hole on fraudclosures home values will increase.
  4. Lawsuits For Banks Would Disappear:  The settlement of “Homes Free and Clear Plan” would eliminate these lawsuits from the banks books.  No reason for the banks to worry though because they are going to make more money on the many, many and I do me many people coming to them to borrow money backed by the now solid equity in their homes.
  5. Save Industries: Some people will invest in building homes.  This now turns the clock back for the loggers, Home Depot, Carpenters and many other industries who will now be making money again.
  6. Solve Unemployment: It would solve the unemployment issue in every state because the instant injection of money would create jobs.
  7. Some Homes Already Sold: People who already lost their homes get a big tax break.
  • President Obama Plan = Economic Armageddon
  • John Wright’s Plan = Saving America, American Economy and Homeowners
  • Kamala Kabooms Plan = click here

It is beyond me how Brian Moynihan and President Obama worry about how a principal reductions and homes free and clear might cause a “Moral Hazard.” Let’s consider the fact that Bank of Destroying The America Dream did not seem to be too concerned about the “Moral Hazard” it created over these past few years.  They knowingly solicited and enticed borrowers to refinance existing loans to buy at low interest rates, only to deny refinances or loan modifications of those same loans when the rates adjusted later on.  Bank of Fleecing America gave home loans to borrowers to who could not afford them or could only afford a short term adjustable loan.  Many took out loans or refinanced loans they had for 15, 20 and 30 years with banks they had dealt with for decades; and many of these borrowers planned to refinance when the interest adjusted .  A “Moral Hazard” decision with an array of “mortgage products” decision wit an array of “mortgage products” to entice borrowers, that would end up delivering us into an economic disaster that our nation has not seen since the days of the The Great Depression.  How’s that for a Moral Hazard?   The fact is that our government did not make the “Moral Hazard” decisions needed back then to stop these banks from creating this economic Armageddon.  Instead, our government allowed the banks to exploit us to create the illusion of a great economy at the time.  Maybe if they did not “stop thinking about tomorrow” none of this would have been “soon to be here.”  In fact, none of it would have happened at all.


Why was’nt our government worrying about “Moral Hazard” back then?  Now they want to talk to us about what they fear might cause another “Moral Hazard”: giving principal reductions and homes free and clear to the victims of what might be the greatest “Moral Hazard” in the world…….BANK OF AMERICAIt is actions like this that make it readily apparent that the bank’s sole concern is inadvertently creating a “Moral Hazard” that might NOT make them “the most money in the end, regardless of the damages or consequences or who gets hurt.  A “Moral Hazard” in which they, themselves might be forced to pay back what they’ve taken.

U.S. Mortgage Fixes Won’t ‘Shock and Awe’ Economy


Date: 10/21/11

Cross linked with


“A U.S. plan to help homeowners refinance mortgages is expected to reach fewer than 1 million borrowers, too few to give a jolt to the struggling economy, according to lawmakers and analysts briefed on the changes.”read article 

Therefore, it also appears that President Obama is willing to sacrifice justice in the name of saving or creating a good economy for his re-election.  However, if we are to make decisions that do not bring justice to the American people, but just to save the American economy, I guess we also have to accept that Adolf Hitler taking the gold teeth out of Jew’s mouths to help the Germany economy was the correct and the “moral” thing to do to solve Germany’s economic crisis.

Some might reason that The Obama-Moynihan Plan to deny principal reductions and reject the “Homes Free and Clear Plan” might be causing a much more terribly serious “Moral Hazard” than we could have ever imagined.

It could be creating this:


BofA is nationalized Yo!  They get tax money and do not pay taxes!

Welcome to The American Nightmare!


Do not vote for President Obama if you lose your home!

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My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK!

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Government announces new program to help ‘underwater’ homeowners


The federal government on Monday announced new rules that would allow many more struggling borrowers to refinance their mortgages at today’s ultra-low rates, reducing monthly payments for some homeowners and potentially providing a modest boost to the economy.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency, working with the Obama administration, said that up to 1 million “underwater” borrowers might benefit from an expanded program that targets homeowners who owe more than their properties are worth.

But the program might not have a major impact on the economy. There are about 11 million underwater borrowers in the country. And under an illustrative example provided by FHFA, borrowers might reduce their payments by just $26 per month…



Only loans that are guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be eligible. Borrowers must check with their lender or Fannie or Freddie to see whether they are eligible. Borrowers also must be current on their mortgage and not have made a late payment in the past 12 months.

To avoid all fees, borrowers, many of whom have 30-year mortgages, will have to take out a new mortgage of 20 years or less. That will mean that homeowners have fewer years to pay off their total balance, largely offsetting whatever they might be saving by taking advantage of today’s low mortgage rates. The plus side is that borrowers will pay off their mortgages more quickly.

On the other hand, if borrowers pay fees, they will be able to get a 30-year mortgage at the new low rates. That could potentially lead to $200 in savings per month.

Check out the rest from the Washington Post here…

For an even more in depth analyses we go to David Dayen…

So, earlier, I said “what’s not to like.” Here’s what’s not to like. The “reps and warranties” part of this. When yourefinance a loan, you’re essentially creating a new mortgage, unlike a loan modification, where you modify the old mortgage. Under the plan, the FHFA will eliminate their ability to force repurchases on these old loans, and they would lower their ability to force repurchases on the new loans created. There will be a “modest fee” associated with relieving these reps and warranties, according to Donovan, which won’t be set until November 15. They will be lower than the current risk-based fees that Fannie and Freddie charge.

What does this mean? A “reps and warranties” case is a case where the loan was originated improperly. When Fannie and Freddie get sold a bad loan like this, they have the right to force it back on the originator. New lenders are reluctant to refinance such loans, because they become liable for the put-back.

What this means is that FHFA will essentially settle on all the loans that get refinanced for a “modest fee,” which we can safely assume will be next to nothing. And we know that a substantial amount of loans, perhaps a majority, were illegally originated during the bubble years. You’re letting the lenders who originated the loans off the hook for that, in exchange for allowing more refis.

Banks will flock to this, because it essentially substitutes bad paper for good. Gene Sperling specifically cited this reps and warranties issue as the major barrier for refis. “We feel that removing the reps and warranties barrier has the potential to unleash competition for housing finance for loans backed by the GSEs,” Sperling said. “Those who are not the original mortgage holder will sit on the sidelines as long as the potential exists for a mortgage that was not originated perfectly to be put back on them.” What he means is that the legal liability for taking on these loans will be removed.

There’s more to this. FHFA is currently in the middle of suing 17 banks over, among other things, reps and warranties. This initiative damages that lawsuit, as I said back in September, because it takes away some of the source material for it. The lawsuit would involve fewer loans, then, and it may tip the balance and hurt FHFA’s ability to proceed with the suit at all.

I’m trying to get a few more answers on this, but the danger is obvious. Banks broke the law and this program helps them get away with it. The fact that Donovan mentioned in passing that this kind of program could be extended to bank-owned loans through the state AG settlement just shows you where this is all headed.

A mass refi plan like this may be worthwhile as stimulus, but as far as the rule of law is concerned it pretty much stinks.


Did John Wright Buy A House He Could Afford?  Damages?


Written by John Wright

Date: 10/02/11


I was talking to Martin Andelman from Mandelman Matters the other night. He was trying to convince me that people did not suffer damages from the banks not transferring the loans properly to new investors. Martin said that the only ones who would suffer damages might be the investors, but not the homeowners, while asking me why I felt that the homeowners had suffered damages from it. This is when I tried to explain to Martin that the homeowners most definitely did experience damages from the banks not transferring these loans properly. There are several reasons why the homeowner would have damages from this. However, I will be glad to just explain one reason why for now. It is because the homeowners “selling potential” of their house might be compromised once the potential buyer might have to worry if they are buying a house from the real person who “legally holds the note.” All one has to do is ask Sarah Palin if she would have thought twice about buying her house, if she knew ahead of time the problems.

Sarah Palin Victim of Mortgage Fraud?


In what is an ironic twist of fate today Register of Deeds John O’Brien and nationally renowned mortgage fraud examiner Marie McDonnell, President of McDonnell Property Analytics, Inc., announce that former Alaska Governor and Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is an unwitting victim of mortgage fraud and has purchased a home in Arizona that contains flaws in the chain of title.

Register O’Brien said, “If fundamental property principles still matter in this country, Sarah Palin may have legal issues that could affect the ownership of her home. Through no fault of her own, Sarah Palin has become a victim like thousands of others across the country that have the same problem with their chain of title. I feel bad for Governor Palin and all the homeowners who have been victimized by this scheme, it just goes to show you that no one is immune from this type of fraud and irresponsible behavior that these banks participated in.”

Marie McDonnell added, “Sarah Palin’s chain of title has been swept up into the eye of the ‘perfect storm’ where robo-signer Linda Green’s fraudulent Deed of Release on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. is eclipsed by robo-signer Deborah Brignac’s fraudulent foreclosure documents. Brignac, a Vice President of California Reconveyance Company (a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank), assigned the homeowner’s Deed of Trust to JPMorgan Chase Bank in her capacity as a Vice President of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (“MERS”); in the same breath, Brignac executed a document appointing California Reconveyance Company (her real employer) as Substitute Trustee in her alleged capacity as a Vice President of JPMorgan Chase.”

Sound confusing? McDonnell explained, “This is a shell game where Brignac purports to be Vice President of three (3) different entities so that she can manufacture the paperwork necessary for JPMorgan Chase Bank to hijack the mortgage and then foreclose on the property. This is an excellent example of how MERS is being used by its Members to perpetrate a fraud. I have laid out a timeline that illustrates the defects in Sara Palin’s chain of title which shows that it is seriously, if not fatally impaired.” McDonnell whose firm performed the extensive forensic analysis. (See McDonnell’s Mortgage Map)

O’Brien, who recently announced that he found 6047 fraudulent Linda Green documents recorded in the Essex Southern District Registry of Deeds which had 22 different variations of a Linda Green signature has been the National Leader in blowing the whistle on banks such as Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo for their business practices. O’Brien said “These banks have participated in a national epidemic of fraud that has clouded or damaged the chain of title of hundreds of thousands of American homeowners all across the country”. O’Brien further said “Sadly, Sarah Palin’s misfortune will however, hopefully shine the national spotlight on this issue. Given her position in the country, I am sure that she will use her influence to stand up for homeowners and their property rights”. – Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Need I say more? Well, just in case, the simple fact is that this kind of activity affects the homeowners “selling power” if potential buyers have to fear that the banks used potentially irregular, fraudulent, unsafe and simply illegal transfer methods, in which they most certainly did.

This conversation about damages would lead into another conversation about if the average homeowner experienced damages from the The Great Mortgage Crisis that the banks caused. Martin Andelman seems to think that we did not. (Scratching my head) I say this because he sarcastically asked me with a sort of exasperated tone: “Where have you experienced damages from all this?” “What!?” I said with my mouth wide open, and my eyes bulging out of my head. I then aggressively explained to Martin that I would have never bought my house if I knew that the banks were flooding the market with bad loans to people who could not afford their homes, just because the banks would have no accountability and liability by selling them off faster than the roosters would come home to roost for them. I also explained to Martin that I always understood that the housing market is a game of musical chairs. However, the difference here is that this was not a natural declination of the market. This is because I noticed this time these fat greedy CEOs and bankers were already sitting down before the music stopped playing. In retrospect, they had “inside trading” information that would allow them to make decisions that would make them very rich. This was done while sacrificing the American Dream and American National Security for their own greedy benefit, which means they need to be held accountable to the laws of our land. Certainly, if I knew what these banks were doing I would have not bought this house. This is because I would have very quickly realized that the value of my future investment would have drastically dropped the minute the piggy banks began to flood the market with illegal foreclosures, because the simple equation of more houses on the market would result in the drastic drop in the value of homes. To add insult to injury, Countrywide was potentially encouraging the over appraisal in the value of homes for their own benefit, which means I bought a house that was not really worth what they stated it was. I think that is called “damages” Mr. Andelman, but that is not the only damages I suffered as a result of what these piggy banks did by destroying not only the housing market, but the American dream and economy itself with their greedy, unethical, unfair, irregular and unsafe mortgage lending practices. This is because these banks actions would actually affect my customer base by nearly 60% based on 25 years of economic history of owning my company. In return, this would not only cause damages to my business worth, it would also affect my income and ability to pay my mortgage, but not based any fault of my own, instead as a result of the bad economy that these banks, such as Bank of America might have created with their potentially greedy, irregular, fraudulent, illegal, unfair, unpatriotic and simply unsafe predatory lending practices.

Not limited to, but in part, I would suffer the following damages:

  1. Loss of money that I paid each month.
  2. Loss in the value of my home.
  3. Loss of my income.
  4. Loss of my positive credit rating. I did not even have one 30 day late reporting on my credit after all the business that I had conducted for 25 years, in which I think is a fair estimate of my character.
  5. The value of my company I owned for 25 years.
  6. Loss of my investments.
  7. Loss of my medical
  8. Loss of my cars
  9. Loss of my reputation.
  10. Quality of life.
  11. Potential to make money in the future.
  12. Loss of my health.
  13. Loss of net worth present and future. For example, I was estimated at being worth two million dollars by an insurance company before what Bank of Destroying America did to me.
  14. Loss of one of my employees. This is because they had taken money out of a payroll account TWICE. Then froze my account in lieu of the Patriot Act, because they lost the paperwork I had turned in TWENTY YEARS AGO!
  15. The banks lesson my “selling potential” because any buyer of my home might worry about if I actually paid back the right investor, after you consider robo signing, MERS and other dirty transferring tactics they might have used while selling my loan, but just to maybe facilitate them making money on it as fast as they possibly could before the bottom fell out on their potential scam.

I will also not have anyone tell me that I bought a house that I could not afford. This is because I qualified the good old fashion way, which is that I had proof of income that would show that I bought a house that I could afford. I also had nearly perfect credit after running companies for twenty five years. This is after serving over one million customers. I was also never thirty days late on my mortgage for nearly five years, which implies that I bought a house that I could afford. That is until I become a victim of these greedy piggy banks, such as Countrywide and Bank of Destroying The American Dream.

Does that answer your question Martin?

At any rate, this then led to another disagreement between Martin Andelman and me. You see, Martin does not believe that The Great Mortgage Crisis started with giving loans to people who could not afford the homes they were buying. Martin believes that it started with nobody buying up those mortgages back security loans, which he said would result in the banks now not giving loans to buy homes because they had no buyers for their loans anymore. He said this allowed houses to stay on the market. Now this is a very interesting perspective, if not revealing, if you consider this is probably exactly what a person who works for the banks would say. However, Martin does not work for the banks, right Martin? (Wink) Nevertheless, I told Martin he was wrong. This is because maybe the investors would not buy those mortgage back securities loans once they found out that property values were going to drop because many of the loans were given to people they should not have been given to. Simply put, the gig was up! Then the music stopped playing. The banks might have only stopped lending once they could not continue to make money on their potential scam. However, it most certainly did start with them lending to people who could not afford the homes they were buying. I offer you exhibit A as proof where it lists which one came first…..the chicken and which one is the egg.

Exhibit A

From Wikipedia: characterized by a rise in subprime mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures, and the RESULTING” (Operative word Martin……Wink) decline of securities backed by said mortgages.

“Mandelman Out.”


In the end my friend Martin Andelman and I would only agree on one thing. We both agree that the banks disperse propaganda . Unfortunately, the only difference is that I think that propaganda might be named Martin Andelman of Mandelman Matters, if he continues to say that the homeowners have not suffered damages. Otherwise, Mandelman might not matter.


My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK!

All Rise! The Honorable Judge John Wright has left The Courtroom of Public Opinion!


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Disappointment In President Obama’s New Financial Crime Unit


Written by John Wright

May 1st, 2012

Now many Americans have been very disappointed in the newly formed Financial Crime Unit that President Obama announced in his State of The Union Speech last January. In his speech the President had announced to Americans that he would be ordering Eric Holder of the United States Justice Department to form a Financial Crimes Unit to supposedly investigate and hold accountable any big bank or person that might be found guilty of committing securitization and mortgage selling and foreclosure abuses. That is because it was these kinds of abuses that might have lead this nation and the American people into the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. Now at the time of this speech the majority of Americans felt that this was a political move being done by the President to give the “appearance” that something was being done about it. Yet the respected President of the United States should understand that many Americans are no longer watching baseball when we are having our homes stolen from us by the banks. We are watching politics instead. That is why Americans might be wondering right about now why it has taken the President and the United States Justice Department this long to create a Financial Crime Unit? I mean — Are you telling me that they did not notice that something was a little weird with mortgage industry unitl January of 2012? With that being said, did the President of the United States really have to create a Financial Crime Unit before something could be done by the United States Justice Department? This is because I kind of thought The Financial Crime Unit had already been created on the day they created something called “The United States Justice Department.” Are you telling me that the United States Justice Department and the President of The United States have been just sitting there doing nothing about this until now? That is certainly what it might imply if they have waited until January of 2012 to have the United States Justice Department investigate all this.

(Start youtube at 40:30)

Notice Obama said “responsible homeowner” in his speech. Is he going to be the one that will decide who is the “responsible homeowner” and who is the “irresponsible homeowner” at the end of the day? Maybe so — since he is the one that said nobody is going to get a home free and clear — even though it is the law when there is a break in the chain of title. Yet I want to know — are Americans who lost their job because of the economic crisis the banks caused with their crime and greed they were allowed and still are allowed to do considered “responsible homeowners” or “irresponsible homeowners” by Obama? And what about our “irresponsible government” that was asleep at the wheel when these banks were collapsing the economy with their crime and greed?


Now this is exactly why Americans think this new “Unit” has only been created for the appearance they they are actually doing something — instead of actually holding those accountable who commited these crimes. It is also why the American people are simply tired of these bullshit programs being announced by President Obama. For example, does anyone remember the last program that President Obama launched that was meant to help the homeowner? I think it was called “HAMP.” – Congressman Cummings about HAMP

What a wonderful program that was! At any rate, it was another Obama program that was supposed to help lead the struggling American homeowner to a modification. Yet it would end up leading the American homeowner into an illegal foreclosure process instead. In the end — HAMP basically became an accomplice to helping the banks commit their crimes. Then to add insult to injury the Obama Administration and the United States Justice Department continues to allow the banks to get away with things like “Robo Signing” and “MERS” — but only to have the President of the United States look right into the news camera when he said that nobody was going to get a home free and clear. Yet he should have said that nobody was going to get a home free and clear EXCEPT THE BANKS. That is because that is exactly what they are getting if the banks are allowed to foreclose on a home where there are multiple trusts and multiple beneficiaries existing — and to the point that the banks are unable to accurately identify the actual investor or owner of that debt. That is why I think the President and the United States Justice Department and justice system do not want to accept evidence that there has been a break in the chain of title on the majority of homeowner’s homes — because then THE REAL BANK OF AMERICA (FANNIE AND FREDDIE) will not able to be able to fraudclose anymore either.

In the end Americans might simply have no faith in President Obama and the United States Justice Department newly formed and announced Financial Crime Unit. That is until the bankers and those on Wall Street are held accountable for the their crimes they committed. That is also until all foreclosures using “MERS” and “Robo Signing” are stopped with no further delay.

Please don’t worry about Americans looking for a free house Mr. President. Instead, please try to just worry about us Americans looking for a free country where the banks are held accountable. (Wink)


My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK!

All Rise! The Honorable Judge John Wright has left The Courtroom of Public Opinion!

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  1. Jill says:

    Boycott the Games- Bank of America is presenting the Dallas vs Detroit game on October 2nd. As much as we love football, we need to boycott EVERYTHING that Bank of America sponsors or supports. This includes their ATM’s at event centers.

  2. Jill says:

    Boycott the Games- Bank of America is presenting the Dallas vs Detroit game on October 2nd. As much as we love football, we need to boycott EVERYTHING that Bank of America sponsors or supports. This includes their ATM’s at event centers.

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