Piggybankblog Releases In 2010 Bank of America Secret Seminar Recordings Admitting HAMP Does Not Exist

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BofA Secret Seminar Recordings Admitting HAMP Does Not Exist


Posted on September 3rd, 2010

The Youtube below is from an alleged BofA training seminar in October 2009.  This recording clearly suggests that Bank of Blaming America was blaming the Obama administration for Bank of America’s poor performance during the modification process.  In other words — it seems as if they are now blaming The President of The United States.



The next youtube is the same alleged BofA employee seminar in October 2009, but this time you will clearly hear them laughing, singing and celebrating our suffering.  

BofA Laughing At One Customer At A Time.


Song Translated below of what I think they are saying on the tape:

  • You never fund our loan anymore Without tons of shit.
  • Modifications just don’t exist.
  • You lost that funding feeling and now it’s gone, gone, gone.
  • Baby, Baby I get down on my knees for you If you would only fund us like you used do.

Youtube below admits they transfer you into the black hole.


Other Recordings: Please scroll down to the bottom of this page if you would like to listen to authorized phone recordings that John Wright recorded of Bank of America employees on the phone.

Tape 1:  

Tape 2:

Tape 3:

Click Tape Summary below to read about all 3 tapes


BofA Might Be Laughing At One Customer At A TIME


September 07, 2010

Press Release

Smoking Gun Evidence Of potential BofA Employee admitting that Modifications Do Not Exist

Piggybankblog.com is reporting that it has smoking gun evidence in the release of recordings of an alleged Bank of America training seminar.  These tapes have been delivered by an individual that is not identified either on the tapes or upon delivery.  Mr. Wright believes that the current release of his own authorized phone recordings with Bank of America, might have inspired one of the several testifying BofA executives to release their own recorded evidence.  It has been reported that there are several top level Bank of America executives willing to testify in Mr. Wright’s current lawsuit (case number 5:10-CV-01723-JF) that was filed on March 18, 2010 in the Superior Court of the State of California, Northern District.  The lawsuit alleges BofA is using potentially irregular, fraudulent and simply unfair business practices concerning the home affordable modification program.

John Wright stated that the tapes show that Bank of America might have trained the people they employ to lie, delay and give false hope to millions of Americans who are going through the process.  At one point, the tapes display a BofA employee insinuating that the modification process does not exist,while singing the song made famous by the Righteous Brothers and by replacing the words with “you’ve lost that funding feeling.”  According to Wright, the only ones that have lost that loving feeling is Bank of America.

John Wright said that he advised his legal team (United Law Group) that he would be releasing these recordings at piggybankblog.com.  It is John Wright’s hopes that the release of these recordings will attract other law firms to join his firm in a class action lawsuit against Bank of America.  He also stated that it is his intention to hold Bank of America accountable for their precipitous actions that led to his disqualification from HAMPJohn Wright stated: ” It is just going to have to be left up to the American people to hold Bank of America accountable, if our elected officials are going do nothing.  These piggy banks need to understand that they are messing with the American people.  You would think they would have learned from history by now.”

United Law Group told Mr. Wright that these recordings are really just the tip of the iceberg in comparison to the mountain of evidence they have received from the Bank of America executives.  John Wright then expresses his appreciation to United Law Groupby stating: “I want to thank United Law Groupfor believing in me and not being afraid to represent Americans against Bank of Abusing America.  United Law Grouph as taken many arrows in their back. while fighting these too big to fail banks.  Apparently, they are not too big to fail, because they failed to provide Americans with modifications!  However, today ULG can stand with their heads held high, while being vindicated by the smoking gun evidence in these recordings.  Recordings that potentially prove that it was Bank of Threatening America that was delaying the American people’s modifications, and not the law firms.”

Mr. Wright also claims that the tapes potentially prove that Bank of America was planning to put their competitors out of business.  A plan that according to Mr. Wright is illegal. He said that the proper authorities should be contacted to bring charges against Bank of America for potentially creating a company to put other companies out of business.

A Bank of America employee challenged Mr. Wright in the Debate A BofA Employee post on piggybankblog.comAccording to Wright, the employee was mocking him, as well as challenging him to prove his claims that BofA was potentially losing the paperwork on purpose.

BofA Employee started by mocking Wright: “They do lose paperwork, they do take long on purpose” – where is your proof of that and what makes you such an expert on it?  Do you work for the bank?  Do you have firsthand knowledge of what is going on?

John Wright fires back: “Well Joey, not only should you consider me an expert, but you should also consider everyone reading this article an expert now too.  I hope by producing these recordings, I was able to answer your question.  Do you have anymore questions you would like me to answer?…lol”

John Wright addresses his supporters with the following statement:

“Over these past few months, I have grown to have great affection for all of you who have taken the time to share your story with me.  I hope that I was able to deliver to you all that I promised, while showing you that the faith of a mustard seed shall move mountains.  As promised, I have poured twice the measure into Bank of Abusing America’s cup, while showing them the same mercy they showed all of us during the loan modification process.  When I listened to these recordings, I especially thought of Piggybankblogger Terri LoreaMany of you may have heard her name mentioned in our Piggybankblog theme song.

Stand With Me Now


Bank of Evicting America not only evicted Terri, but her son, her 5 year old grandson and her daughter.  Her daughter is in the late stages of MS. So like I said, it sounds like Bank of Abusing Americans has “lost that loving feeling.” 

Piggybankblog.com was created for all of those who have been abused by Bank of America’s potentially irregular, fraudulent and simply abusive loan modification process..


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Below are my authorized phone recordings with Bank of America.  You can clearly hear them tell me that I was: 

1. approved

2. That they can not make me pay more than three months.

3. Say that their computer tells them that it is not my fault.

4. Say that they also have never seen them give someone so much trouble.

Hear recordings below:



Here is another one that I found on-line that will substantiate that they indeed use the method of singing, while changing the words of the song to a BofA theme.  The other one suggested they laugh at one customer at a time.  This one here might show that they are have an agenda to make it where there is only “One Bank” left with no competition.  In other words – a potential monopoly that our government might want to investigate — while breaking BofA into a million pieces!  Bank of America might not onlybe too big to fail but just simply too big.



My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK!

All Rise! .The Honorable Judge Wright has left The Courtroom of Public Opinion!


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  1. Stephanie Montanez says:

    I have went through a home loan modification process for one year, I made 8 months of modified payments and then Bank of America denied me because they failed to accept disability income that I provided them because I could not find the original determination letter given by California State Disability. I provided them with numerous print outs from the State Disability Office and none of them were considered. Now when I called them back and gave them our income information (my husband just returned to part time work) they are going to start the process all over again. The last straw was that I received a statement from them and they are now setting up escrow accounts for me and increasing my payments by $510.00. I have always made my taxes and insurance payments and have never been late, so I do not understand why they are doing this. I thought the Federal government gave them money to assist home owners, not to terrorize them. If you can assist in th! is matter or lead me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. This was an old Countrywide loan that was converted to a Bank of America loan.

  2. Candice M Hunt says:

    Friend of KiKi’s in LV. BofA has been a thorn in my side of a few years. I am a RE agent here and completeing anykind of short sale with BofA is worse than going to a all night dentist. You are looking at least 10 months to get anything approved or closed with them. Even with their new Equador program it is still longer than you can get a buyer to hang on. They really don’t want to sell the house. They would rather forclose. I have complained to the point of “I am sick of hearing myself”. No one really cares at BofA. You cannot ever talk to anyone, have any phone numbers that are answered and forget about having a return phone call if you are lucky enough to get a answering service. I refuse to take any BofA listings and feel for those who have loans with that company. BofA is hugh. They think they can, (and maybe they can) run the world. I support you John Wright and pray that you take them down.

  3. Kimberly says:

    John – good for you I would love to join in your fight. I was trying to refinance my home with BoA for 6 months. I was told the only way to refinance was through the retention dept. I had to stop paying my mtg for a few months and they would work with me for my modification. So I did upon their advise. I received the package from BoA stating they were working with me and no Foreclosure would take place as long as we were working together. Also, I would be receiving another package within 30 days with the new loan payments etc. If they couldn’t do a modification they would have 4 other options for me. I called weekly at first and then daily. Always receiving the same story. My paperwork was with an underwriter and my home would not be foreclosed on as long as we were working together and if I had a job I was a sure candidate for the mod. Well then my daily calls and faxes came – no one ever called me, no other packages came – day after day I would call and get the exact same response. Well then the day in Sept came when they just put my home up for auction. Never a call, never a notice saying I don’t qualify etc. They just took my home – not once did they even review my financials. It was all lies!! They even said they submitted requests for my foreclosure to be pushed back – I called 6x for that to happen and each time they said “oh no one entered a request here let me do it for you” – according to their records now not one request was submitted for the date to be pushed off until my paperwork was reviewed. If anyone has a lawfirm that can work in Arizona please let me know. I would love to be apart of this with you John.

  4. Stacie Ritter says:

    I was looking at some docs you have that look like mine! I was enrolled in the Make Homes Affordable Program and began my “3 month trial” as of 3/1/2010. I turned in EVERY piece of documentation they required. At the end of that time, I had to call and ask what I was supposed to do since I had not heard from B of A. Someone said “just keep making your payments and you will get something in the mail.” For months they kept asking for more documents that had NOTHING to do with my 3 month trial, B of A just was taking so long that they needed updated information. I made all 3 of my payments and gave them all the paperwork that was required. I soon began receiving phone calls and letters wanting more information, all the while getting NO information. I spent HOURS on the phone for months getting all sorts of different answers. I would get undated letters to call people and extensions that do not exist. I would get sent to “the Office of the President” every time and they would say, “you aren’t supposed to be here” and then transfer me once more. Then I get a letter stating I am “kicked out” of the MHA program because I DID NOT SEND ALL DOCUMENTS REQUESTED!!! I DID send all documents, but they waited months and needed even more. When I called to “appeal” my removal from the program, the man said he could not find ANY of my paperwork!! ONE HOUR LATER, he started seeing my documents online but said he was missing some so could not file an appeal on my behalf and there was NOTHING he could do. I asked for a supervisor and she did give me her extension, but I have not been able to get her to call me back after I left her a message regarding ANOTHER letter I got which was undated and said I had to turn in paperwork to a Jo Lewis and to call Jo Lewis at this particular number. When I called there was NO ONE by that name whatsoever and I got transferred around to a lady who said she could not help me, did not know where that letter came from or who Jo Lewis is. That UNDATED letter either came on Sat Oct 2, or Mon Oct 4 or Tues Oct 5 and said I HAD to fax the items listed by 4 OCT or the file would be closed (I was out of town the 2-5) When I told the supervisor that, her response was “It is not our fault you were out of town” (!) I am incredulous as to the impossible hoops I have to jump all the while, they have no intention of helping me. I just get the run-around. HELP!!!! I tried clicking on email you and it opens the default mail program on my computer and does not give me your email address. I am ritters5@sbcglobal.net…. at this moment, I am still in my house but waiting for the other shoe to drop……B of A is definitely criminal…

  5. Reggie says:

    These banks and their CEO’s really don’t have a clue as to how they are ruining the lives of hard working people.

  6. TENA DYAL says:

    Wow….word for word the same exact story…I’m going through the same thing with BofA but I can tell you that after doing some research on them I have found thousands of people with all the same stories and being told all the same excuses.
    I think the 19 billion the government gave them is somewhere drawing interest and they have someone that is buying all the property they foreclose on and they are receiving home owners money during the entire process so this looks to me like BIG BUCKS!!! WHY would they want to ever go back to doing normal mortgages when they have discovered the ultimate way to make money?? And they can afford to line all the pockets of politicians that try to stop them…..they win, we lose

  7. Julie Wolf says:

    Read about the REST report people! http://www.piggybankblog.com/2010/06/26/bofa-rest-complaint-mod/ and do not be afraid to hire a lawyer.

    It sounds like it really has teeth to help get these loan mod approved.

  8. Julie Wolf says:

    How come your links to ULG don’t work John? are they ok?

  9. SUSAN says:


  10. Die_BofA_Die says:

    Dear Patriots and Heroes

    BofA protesters have established a new daily news blog covering the crimes of the Bank of Satan. If you have reporting experience and want to take an editorial club to this criminally insane bank, join us and be immortal!

    No pay. Just a chance to rant righteous! And get a meme in the air that needs to be there – DECHARTER CRIMINAL BANKS. They don’t deserve public certification for anything except a long prison sentence.


  11. Maureen says:

    We also had been playing the waiting game with Bank of America since May. All the back and forth stuff just as many of you have described.
    It’s all a farce. We had fallen on financial hardship and thought we were being seriously considered for the Program. After all the months of being lied to THE “Fedex” letter came indicating that: Your loan is not eligible for a Home Modification because: *We service your loan on behalf of an investor or group of investors that has not given us the contractual authority to modify your loan under the Home Affordable Modification Program.* The whole Program is a scam!

  12. Kevin says:

    Hey Maureen,
    I am going through the exact same thing. After 8 months of pure aggravation I am in “final” stages of review. I find this hard to believe and I am not holding my breath for any resolve. However, I am expecting the same letter any time saying I am not eligible.
    What have they told you your options were? I need to get prepared for the worst. Just wondering what you are planning on doing?

  13. Rob Owen says:

    Why are there not active lawsuits on the BAC HAMP violations?

  14. Shelly Fuqua says:

    Thank you so much John for this site and for fighting Bofa. I have been fighting to keep my home for over 3 yrs. now and went through the exact same issues and jumping hoops as everyone else. Luckily I was contacted by a retired judge and attorney team who are sick of seeing hard working people get screwed out of their homes and they have helped us keep our home up until this point. It seems that Bofa cannot produce any of the documents we ask for including our original note and I have no doubt that they don’t have it. I knew way back when this all started that something wasn’t right with the whole stinking mess, when they wouldn’t accept a payment and a half each month to catch up the four months we were behind, and the modification fiasco that never went anywhere but more lies and delays. Little did I know at the time though what a nationwide nightmare this would become for so many Americans. I urge everyone to please get an attorney if possible and fight for your home and rights. If you have experienced any of these same issues then chances are they do not have the proper paperwork to take your home. So far it’s only cost me $1300 to stay payment free in my home for over 3 yrs. Well worth it! Thanks, Shelly

  15. Joan Anderson says:

    Where are people finding lawyers to help. I have spoken with 2 and both say “there’s nothing we can do.” Same story as above. Going on for over 3 years and now they say we can pay back amount which is out of this world or they will foreclose. I am sending a fax to the CEO but I can’t lose my home. Anyone have a lawyer in Illinois that is willing to help? We have decent jobs and some money in the bank. Why won’t anyone help us? UGH!
    Thanks everyone. Let’s get these bastards.

  16. Margie Brewer says:

    I have been fighting B of A for 15 months. I don’t know how many different handlers I have had. I had a baloon payment (that I was not aware of ) due in 2010. I continued to send payments to B of A and then filed for a loan mod. (my husband is disabled) because we could not afford the payments. Here I am 15 months later and they are returning all my payments for the last 2 years or about that. We have no one to help us. We live on $2000. per month and that will not qualify us for a loan. I don’t even knoiw who has the title, only that it isw a Fannie or Freddie. B of A can’t tell me ieither. I have no money for an attorney, so that is out.
    Thanks for listening, it helps a bit.

  17. Claire Moderski says:

    I am CURRENT on my mortgage with Bank of America. I have been denied modification based ONLY on the fact that I am CURRENT. I am underwater. I qualify for Financial Hardship but, overlooked because I am current on my mortgage. I have been denied my right to appeal. I have been advised by HAMP, HOPE Hotline, BOFA and FANNIE MAE that I should miss one payment to get help. NOT TRUE! As witnessed by my neighbors who are NOW selling their homes for SHORT SALE. They are waiting for me to default on my mortgage so they can sell my home for SHORT SALE, for which they get PAID! There is the LOOP HOLE! All agencies setup to help me are telling me to default. I default, they get the house to SELL and I am out of my home.

  18. Robin Fisher says:

    Would be interesting to post this on Bank of America’s Facebook page and see if they respond to it. Several times, I posted a question regarding their practices on their page and it was deleted each time with the question unanswered.

  19. Carrie says:

    this has happened to me as well.

    All of us have very similar stories and I have not slept well in years. BofA has turned into a nightmare !

    i dont want to lose my home but Bank of America and Fannie Mae refuse to assist us.

    with their loan mod they increased my mortgage to 40 years + added an additional 100k to the bank end non interest bearing they say due to bank fees, processing fees, late fees etc… most of those fees are because they delayed the mod for over 18 months.

    so now i owe 500k on a home that has been worth less than 200k for the last 3 years. and with the 40 years + the additional principal when will i ever be able to pay my house off???? oh & they had promised to extinguish my Heloc and that didnt happen so now i owe with their bs tactics another 80k on that

    HELP ! what do we do?

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