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August 5, 2010:

Dear Piggybankbloggers:

Below is an email that Mr. and Mrs. Frost sent me today from Senator John Barrasso. I do not know how you all feel, but this issue has no political lines for me. I simply support any Senator that supports us on this issue. So it does not matter to me if they are Republican or Democrat.  You will all see letters from both sides of the aisle on In other words, they are either for us or against us in my eyes.  With that being said, it appears that Senator John Barrasso is not afraid to go on the record that he is on the people’s side with this issue.

So Senator John Barrasso, since you made it a point to go on the record regarding my lawsuit, I will also go on the record to say that you would have my vote :)

Today I am signing off with:

I am Mr. and Mrs. Frost and I AM FIGHTING BACK!



A message from The Frost’s:

I want to express to the citizens in the US please understand that they can communicate with their Senator’s.  If We the People stay quite and take the attitude that our State Senator’s won’t give us the time of day, then We the People deserve what We get.  How else will our Senator’s get informed of what is working for us and what isn’t?!  It is unfortunate that “We the People” have taken the attitude of why bother, thinking our Senator’s won’t listen to us.  If everyone just took a few minutes to express their situations and concerns to email their Senator’s, I think they would be pretty amazed that YOUR voice matters!  It’s true, United We Stand!

I thank my United States Senator, John Barrasso for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer my concerns.  I do matter!

The Frost’s wrote John 08/18/10: Hi John,   Just wanted to send our Senator a note about our out come with B of A.  I had to let him know what a help you were for us too.

We really can not thank you enough!


Senator Barrasso,

Since your August 5th response to my housing issue applying for a Modification Loan through Bank of America. Today we received a call from our Negotiator from B of A offering us an In House Loan instead of a HAMP Modification.  This In House Loan gave us a much better interest rate and it is a fixed 30 year loan.  We were surprised B of A took the time to work with us so we can save our home. Though we are unsure of our future with employment, we are holding on to what ever hope we can as so million other homeowners to stay employed or just get employed.  Our hope now is to maintain the new payments without incidents and stay in our beautiful town of Alpine we love so much.   As far as the John Wright vs Bank of America, I am very happy that you are taking time from your schedule to monitor John’s situation on the He was a big help to us.  His guidance was valuable and he isn’t doing this for any money, just because he wants to.  His misfortune with B of A needs to turn around.  Our hope is that B of A will take the time to give John Wright the help he deserves and all of the other deserving homeowners across the states.


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  1. Cindy says:

    We met Senator Barrasso in June of 2010 while visiting Washington DC. He was a gracious, kind, and generous man. I was very impressed with him. (I am Democrat) I will definately vote for him in the next election.

    Sorry to hear abour your difficulties. I hope everything works out for you. You spoke up and somebody listened. There needs to be more of that.

    Good Luck and God Bless! Thank you Senator Barrasso.

  2. Nancy Frost says:


    I getting ready to file a complaint to the FCIC. I read your blog this morning and you are correct, any bank that debits a corporate account to put money towards a personal loan or any personal account has just violated regulations. Hum, regulations, isn’t that what we keep hearing about? How in the world is BofA getting away with this one?! Maybe it’s time for the Federal Auditor’s to make their surpise visit and lock the doors on them! Or maybe the Fed’s are afraid of what they will find?

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