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  “My name is John Wright and I approve of this message.”


Dear friends:

John Wright has asked me to write a letter telling all my friends at piggybankblog what I did to prevent my home foreclosure and how I got the bank to reply to my request for a home modification after they refused to help us. 

At first the bank my family was working with did very little to help us, in fact they told us that we had to correct our own problems, and that we were going to lose our home. The bank lost our paperwork, failed to reply to phone calls, and letters, and was just rude to us when we called and asked for help. They even told us to stop calling them and asking for help because the late payments we had could not be corrected unless we paid them. I lost a second job my wife had lost hours at work too. So making us the payments we owed was not possible.

That was when I took action and started writing letters to protest the treatment the bank was given us in my attempt to resolve our home loan crisis to prevent the foreclosure of our home.

I developed an outline of what I did to push the bank to give us a home loan modification which saved our home. I’m not an attorney, just a person who had decided I was not going to lose my home without a fight. I am not saying that it will work for anyone else, but in the end we won, we saved our home and prevented the foreclosure from happening. I had to spend a little money for an attorney to help us with the needed direction to follow our complaints and we had to write our own complaints and I had to write my Senator to request they follow my complaint in order to get the bank to respond, but in the end it was worth it. We saved our home and got the modification we needed to make our home payments affordable.

If you would like to fight back to prevent your home foreclosure I’ll send you the outline I used to make the modification happen. Remember, my friends the banks are not going to just give you a modification if you don’t make them help you by pushing your way through the system to get the modification you need to prevent foreclosure of your home.

Should you have any questions feel free to call me or send me an e-mail.

Gregory Dean Lemke
Piggybankblog board member

Phone 360-474-8047


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  1. Emma Magno says:

    My family and I are in distressed right now because of the mental torture BAC Home Loans has been doing to us.We have qualified for a Modification but later on was told we are not eligible because of NPV.We are told by phone that we are to make the regular payment because we are out of Modification and we are in danger of foreclosure but we still have some options.We paid partial for this month of February because its the amount we can afford( $2000.)The trial pay period payment was $1417.42. Can we avail of some help to let us keep our home and stop this mental stressed that BAC Home Loans is doing to us.?

  2. Mia says:

    Help is available to homeowners who are having issues with getting the lender to modify loans and help is available to stop your foreclosure dead in it’s tracks. Skilled and Insider of lending institutions. We know what the banks want from you because we previously worked for the banks.

  3. Kathryn says:

    I have been dealing with BAC and it’s been nothing but a nightmare!! They approved me for home loan modification I sent them almost $7,000.00 on June 25th, 2010 to get everything cleared up. Then another $1,265.00 July 1st,2010. I started making my new payment September 1st, 2010. I made my monthly payment and called them weekly to make sure everything was fine. Everything was fine is what they told me. WRONG!! I went to make my May 2011 house payment and they told me that I couldn’t because my house was in Foreclosure!! I said no way…. Apparently they tried to call me November 2010 and my voicemail was full so they cancelled my modification. How can they do this after I sent in all of this money?? It’s not like they don’t have my address and phone/work numbers. They never bothered to contact me about it just continued to let me make my modified payments even when I called them weekly to make sure everything was fine. I have asked them for the balance due and they won’t give it to me because it’s on foreclosure. It’s my house and it’s in my name and I have the right to know my balance!! It makes no sense to me. I reapplied for the modification last month and got denied. So I tried to reapply yesterday and they said I am behind and I need to get caught up for my May, June, and July 2011 payments. I’m sorry I am not going to send them anymore payments just to get denied again and still get my house foreclosed on. I have sent them over $17,000 in the last year and I’m in the same place where I stated. I feel like giving up but I am determined to get answers to where I all of my money went!! BAC has horrible communication and it’s the worst bank I have ever delt with!!

  4. sheila says:

    Hi Mia, Can you tell us exactly what skilled help you are referring to? what would you advice? How can I get the lender to modify and stop the foreclosure dead in it’s track. Thank you so much for sharing you insider information.

  5. How to fight back for your home loan Modification! Body: 1. File for a home
    modification then if the bank fails to reply to your request, file a notice to the
    bank your working with that you are going to file a complaint with the office of
    The OCC who examines national banks to ensure their safe and sound financial
    condition and ensures compliance with applicable banking laws, rules and
    regulations. The CAG was established to assist customers who have questions or
    complaints involving national banks. For additional information on the OCC and
    CAG please visit this internet site

    2. After your file your complaint with OCC on line, send a
    letter to your Senator telling them you filed a complaint OCC representing what
    the bank has failed to do and how they continue to refuse to provide a home
    modification to you in a timely matter, enclose the case number from OCC office
    as you will have already filed a complaint. Also enclose your loan modification
    number if you have already applied for and got no real response to your request
    for a home loan modification. Then contact an attorney and your Senator with
    your concerns and complaints.

    3. After 30 days you may contact your attorney. Ask the attorney to write a
    letter for you with regards to how the bank is failing to resolve your request
    for a home modification and, in the letter he must send a statement of hardship
    telling the bank if they should fail to resolve this matter, they stand to lose
    money. Also send your complaint letter with case number to your attorney for
    follow up for fact finding after you have called him and asked for his or her

    4. Should you need any help feel free to look at my page on John Site as I have
    post records for review as an example. Gregory Dean Lemke fights back. Also you
    may contact me at Okay…Make a complaint to your elected

    Go to the consumer issues and review your rights.

    It’s best to have a prepaid legal membership in place while you work to get your home loan modification through the system. Feel free to call me if you have any questions Gregory Lemke 360-474-8047

    New memberships are the same, you just sign up for the membership and decided if you do not want to be an associate sales person. Click on the “Enroll Now”, lower left on your website to sing up. You must decide membership and plans.

    The reason I used prepaid legal is that I had access to a attorney to direct me and a legal firm represented my concerns in the letter they sent for us. This is what I believe pushed the Modification through.

    There are 2 plans:

    1. Standard Family Plan with Legal Shield and Identity Theft Shield is $26.95/month with a onetime $10 enrollment fee.
    2. Expanded Family Plan with Legal Shield and Identity Theft Shield is $35.95/month with a onetime $10 enrollment fee.

    The difference between the 2 plans is that the Expanded Plan has increased hours under the Trial Defense Service (if they are sued). They can see the details on your website. The coverage may differ by state, but they can see that on the website when they select their state.

    A message from the President Obama

    Dear Friend:

    Thank you for writing. I have heard from Americans who are unemployed, burdened by high medical bills, having difficulty paying their mortgage, or dealing with the loss of their home, and I understand the daunting challenges faced across our country.

    Today, even as our economy recovers, many individuals and families are still struggling to stay in their homes. As part of my Administration’s comprehensive plan to stabilize the housing market, the Making Home Affordable Program is helping responsible families avoid foreclosure by making payments more affordable and sustainable. While many Americans have received help, far too many still cannot refinance their mortgages or obtain loan modifications.

    Along with these changes, we have strengthened the program with a simpler, faster application process so borrowers can modify their payments and avoid foreclosure. For Americans whose homes have lost value, my Administration’s plan improves refinancing opportunities. We are also requiring more accountability and transparency from participating mortgage servicers, and have published servicers’ monthly progress reports. The financial reforms I signed into law build on these policies by putting in place the strongest consumer financial protections in history, curbing abuses by mortgage companies and giving their customers the information they need to make financial decisions.

    For assistance with a home foreclosure or to find a local housing counselor, I encourage you to call your mortgage servicer directly, speak with a housing specialist at 1-888-995-HOPE, or contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development at 1-800-569-4287. You can also visit or If you have lost your home and are looking for housing assistance, please visit: Information on jobs, health benefits, and other public resources available to those in need can be found by calling 1-800-FEDINFO or visiting:

    The road ahead will be difficult, but as a nation, we can once again secure the American dream for ourselves and future generations.


    Barack Obama


    Gregory Dean Lemke

    Help and Frequently Asked Questions about National Banks from OCC’s
    Help with complaints and answers to frequently asked questions about national
    banks from OCC’s

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