Authorized Phone Recordings

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California prohibits telephone monitoring or recording, including the use of information obtained through interception unless all parties to the conversation consent (California Penal Code Sections 631 & 632). There is no statutory business telephone exception and the relevant case law all but excludes this possibility. California courts have recognized “implied” consent as being sufficient to satisfy the statute where one party has expressly agreed to the taping and the other continues the conversation after having been informed that the call is being recorded.



The above authorized recording was done on February 2nd, 2010. This is the actual BofA employee andthe department that sends out the “Congratulations letter.” Talk about right out of the horses mouth! Or should I say piggy? Notice that she states that a “congratulations letter” had been sent out. This would be clear evidence that I indeed told that I was approved. As well as the operator tells me not to pay anymore payments until I have received the package. She also admits that the letter requesting 3 more months was an “error” and to disregard it.


The above authorized recording was done on February 16th, 2010. Notice how the operator states that:

  1. I was approved
  2. That he could see that I was honest
  3. That he could tell by the notes that it was not my fault
  4. That it can not be more than a three months trial period
  5. That Bank of Blaming America can not disqualify me if I did not make the additional three more months of payments.
  6. That he has never seen them give someone such a hard time as me before.
  7. That they can not disqualify me because I complied by making the required payments.

It is my belief that BofA officially disqualified me because I sued them! However, I am suing them because they sent me a letter before trying to extort money from me. They told me that if I did not give them the money, that I would be disqualified.

I invite you to read my disqualification letter dated March 21, 2010 atBac Home Letters and compare it to the conversation you hear on the above recordings. It is simple really… they either made a mistake in disqualifying me, or they set me up on the phone so that they could disqualify me and potentially steal my home.

Do you all remember them saying we “encourage” you to continue making your trial payments when you called them? Notice they did not say the word “require.” This is because I think they knew they were walking on a thin line and would be crossing it if they said that they required us to pay beyond the three months. Proof is in the pudding though… or should I say proof is in the recording.


The authorized phone recorded conversation above was recorded in March. This lady actually will read every single thing on her computer to me. Notice that she verifies that I have been sent a “congratulation letter.” Notice that they do not mention any missing paperwork.

The Above Youtube: This evidence establishes that Bank of Abusing America potentially uses irregular, fraudulent and simply abusive business tactics. I must have argued for over 10 minutes with the Bank of Abusing America representative before I spoke to manager. The manager was also saying the same thing, until he realized he gave me permission to record.

All these recordings were released on the heals of smoking gun evidence that suggests that Bank of Abusing Americans might have planned, trained and encouraged employees to delay our applications for a modification. us in a article by clicking on link below.



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Listen to Piggybankblogger Jason Werner’s evidence in his recorded BofA conversations in the below youtubes:


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For the record, I use a lot of dramatic license in my blog.  Therefore, all persons talked about in my blog are to be considered innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.   This is a peaceful demonstration where dramatic license is used in an abstract way.  Please be advised that nothing in this protest is to be construed or defined as suggesting that there will be a consequence or penalty given if such protest does not produce a result.  There will be absolutely no consequence issued whatsoever.  Please contact me right away with any concerns that there is anything on my blog to suggest otherwise.

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  1. dmdaniels57 says:

    WOW!!!! That REST Report is awesome!!! Now I see why it has been so difficult getting somewhere with B of A – we started out walking blind because we did not know the questions – let alone the answers!! Now we have a head start! Thanks for this great info – I also just completed the FreeHampReport on website – it is similar to the REST report, but I think the REST has more detailed info. I am going to complete it NOW!!! Thanks John!

    Denise :o)

  2. J says:

    HAHAHA! B o A should have 2 years of recordings from me! Greatness!

  3. Carol says:

    I got called by an underwriter too, who informed us that we would be approved after one more document being sent. He told us to fax it directly to his desk, We did. We had already mailed the documents requested TWICE. We thought we would be approved on his word and because we complied with their request. But, two weeks later they sold the loan to LBPS. Now they say we owe many months in arears.
    LBPS, with all due respect, has been very responsive and fast in their processing of our trial modification. B of A took eight months. LBPS only one month. They said if we complete the three months trial they will finalize it as loan as long as our financial situation remiains unchanged. But what about the arears. Will they tack that to the back of the loan? B of A said we owed that, and yet there are discrpancies and fees that we cannot account for. Let us see what happens. A lawyers office I consulted with said LBPS is a forclosure “bull pen” or should I say pig pen.
    But, I have no complaint with them yet.
    PBS (Channel 13) advertises for B of A. I don’t think that is right considering how the Senetor’s office here in NY said B of A is one the banks that they receive complaints from most often.

  4. W in Ohio says:

    i started my mod with Wilshire credit corp. made my trial payments then BoA bought them out.had to restart the process all over again….passed the process plus 3 additional payments.called in my payment this week they told me the whole thing fell through that i didnt make enough money and i should get a 2nd job…plus they back charged me for 9 months of difference in payment due to my lower “trial” payment plus interest and my home is up for forclosure review on Oct 7th….basicly BoA told me to cough up 6000 and get a 2nd job and MAYBE they can help currently searching for a rental and preparing for chapter 7

  5. Elyse says:

    Sue the lenders, sue the servicing company, sue anyone on your Deed Of Trust because it is in their benefit to foreclose on you rather than granting a loan modification…reason? Most of the lenders do not own your house to foreclose on it!! One cannot sell or buy a car without the “pink slip” so the lenders MUST provide proof of ownership and they cannot provide that, so, they must be sued and let the Courts figure it out!

    America is under attack by these Wall Street Banksters and we are on our way to a homeless society! YOU MUST SUE THE LENDERS!! It is the only way! The banks will not help you and the Government is paid for by the Banksters…That’s the Senate and Congress…not the President!! This crap has been going on since Bush and will continue until the voices of the people are heard…and that can only happen by suing them!!

    Don’t even get me started on MERS…they are the instrament being used to foreclose and MERS is nothing but a computer software that holds some 62 million fraudulent loans…Fight it in court!!

  6. deleon says:

    shit is hitting the fan now,there stopping loans from forclosure

  7. Steve says:

    Gosh, it’s almost as if the “good witch” is actually working (perhaps inadvertently) for the piggy behind the curtain. Piggy behind the curtain says “Tell them everything is OK. Celebrate! Throw a party, have some cake. You’re approved!” then the customer might lower their guard and have their wallet stolen by the “bad witch” that says “don’t listen to her, send more money!”

    We’re FIGHTING BACK for John Wright!

  8. Steve says:

    at on the first video 2:08 “we had millions of calls”

    due to the letter that was in error? the letter that pulled the bait and switch, the one shaking down customers, one million at a time?

    She sounds like she’s speaking from experience…

  9. Sonya says:

    I think that if you really understand what is going on then, you need to start educating people that does not have a clue. If you are standing in line at a store or etc… You need to get the word out. There is a whole lot of people that just don’t understand. Education is the key here.

    Everybody I have started talking to actually thinks that Obama did this!! What the???

    • wright4ulg says:

      I could not agree with you more. This is exactly what I have been trying to do :)

      You are correct that it is absolutely ludicrous that Bank of Abusing America is now blaming the Obama administration for their own incompetence. The Obama administration was trying to help, but unfortunately Bank of Abusing America would take his niceness for weakness.

      If I remember correctly, President Obama was pretty pissed off about what these banks did.

  10. Patrick Liva says:


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