File A BofA Complaint With Fannie/Freddie

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You can also use the two links below to find out if your loan is with Fannie and Freddie:

Fannie or Freddie


Make sure you look up your investor, and send a complaint about Bank of Betraying America.  We have always been told by Bank of Abusing America that Fannie/Freddie do not have a phone number, but was able to use one of our BofA contacts to find it for you.  However, they only deal with banks though, so you will need the “BofA Customer Bank Id Code Number.”  We have also found that for you too.

Therefore, I am requesting that everybody call to file a complaint.  I will also be sending out a mass email requesting that everyone file the complaint against Bank of Abusing America within 72 hours, as well as I will be posting this in the “Take Action Section.”

Fannie/Freddie Phone Number:  1-800-373-3343

Fannie/Freddie updated Phone number: 1-800-732-6643

BofA Customer Bank Id Code: 000197

It is time to put some pressure on the investors because:

My name is John Wright and I AM FIGHTING BACK!

Here is an example of what you will see if your loan is with Fannie/Freddie:

Match Found.

Based on the property information entered, it appears Fannie Mae owns a loan at this address. A “Match Found” status does not guarantee or imply that you will qualify for a Making Home Affordable refinance or modification. If you’re interested in a refinance, please contact your mortgage lender or servicer (the organization to whom you make your monthly mortgage payments) to confirm these results and ask about the Home Affordable Refinance Plus program. You can find more information at

Testimonial on 11/22/10: Hi John,  Hope you are well and dieting in preparation for a great big Thanksgiving dinner! THREE things I felt you needed to know.

#1 I have done as you suggested and contacted Fannie Mae myself The most important thing is that your calls have made a huge difference  and the gentlemen I speak to regularly now [Alfonso] has reiterated that the calls from Senator Hutchinson’s office have made a noticeable impact and has been the catalyst that has gotten things moving towards my receiving a permanent modification. CONSEQUENTLY I WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT AND CALLS AS I AM CERTAIN THEY WIELD CONSIDERABLE INFLUENCE AND LIKE I SAID HAVE BEEN CRITICAL IN RESOLVING MY LOAN MODIFICATION



  1. Michelle says:

    I paid AIM Financial over a thousand dollars to do a loan modification but the they made a mistake and put down that the money my mom and brother help me live because i am disabled and live on 666.00 social security and 634.00 for child support that the money was a loan and not a gift so Nationstar turned me down and Katie the girl that did my modification said they were doing no more modification and i was out of over a thousand dollars and had a mtg payment of 1100.00 a mt. so what am i to do? I owe more than its worth? hELP PLEASE

  2. Jill says:

    I called Freddie Mac today. I explained to them my situation and that Bofa states they are waiting on their investor, Freddie Mac, to approve or deny the foreclosure rollback on my house. The employee was super nice and understanding. He should train Bofa employees! He is processing my complaint. He said Freddi Mac usually will contact the bank directly if they see a reason to inquire in the case. They will not have a status update but have my information incase they have questions. That’s all I request of them. Get the ball rolling again. The gentleman I spoke with cracked up when I told him Bofa stated they kept losing my modification paperwork but for some reason they can’t seem to lose the “auction” papers! lol

  3. Robin says:

    I am trying to get a modification from Bank of America for the third time. They keep saying they didn’t get papers or the paperwork is wrong.They keep giving me the runaround. It’s very frustrating!!!

  4. M.Segna says:

    on 1/20/10, last year I started the modification process. My mortgage payment jumped from $899.91 to $1,500! A Greek tragedy of lost documents, late fees, numerous phone calls, promises, lies and mental/emotional upheaval.
    Even when I asked them to take me off the program and the compound account, I was told to call back in few weeks because I was still in review and upon approval all my late fees would be returned. I was not late on my mortgage prior my joining the loan mod. affordable home program. The monsters of greed caused me financial havoc. A year later, they are foreclosing and asking me to pay outrageous attorney fees + back mortgage. While I have breath in me, they won’t get away from destroying people’s lives – I will fight for justice-and join a class law suit again Be Damned Bank of America.

  5. Cherry says:

    Freddie Mac is my investor. Wells Fargo services my loan. NACA came to DC and conducted a save the dream event which I attended and volunteered 10 hours to the cause. When I saw wells fargo representative at the event they denied my HAMP request. I had the option to speak with the investor Freddie Mac so I did. When we were done I left with a proposal written by Freddie Mac which reduced our mortgage to an amount we can afford. This was July 2010. On March 1st 2011 I received word through NACA that Well Fargo has an offer for us. I contacted them on March 2nd and was told that there’s a 4 month moratorium and they have trial period payments set up. The first payment due April 1 is for 1479, the April May and June payments are 2100. Then they will decide on a final arrangement. We’ve done trials before, this process began in 2008, I’m not confident that this will turn out in our favor…not to mention it’s not in line with the proposal that was given to us in July 2010. We are frustrated, however they did put the foreclosure on hold.

  6. Sheila says:

    My story: I had a mortgage with Countrywide that was sold to B oF a. When my adjustable went up to 2300. a month and recession hit , it became too hard to pay and so I tried for a modification. For 18 month I was given the run around. In the meantime they tacked on 40,000 dollars to my mortgage of 308000. When I was offered a modification it was for 2800.00 a month, wow an increase of 500.00???. So I wrote the B of A ceo and I told them I wanted to keep the house, even though I was underwater by at least 100,000 in this market, they said they would help me. Finally I kept calling them when the foreclosure sale date was close and they kept stallng me finally a week before the sale date I was able to apply for an extension, they kept saying it was in process don’t worry about it, I even tried to do a short sale, but they said I had to choose between a short sale or modification I could not do both.Finally a week before the foreclosure nobody would answer my calls!!! When I finally got throught to the HAMP dept. they told me my extension request was denied,and there was nothing else I could do, and the next day my home was sold at auction. Well, I could not resist writing a letter to the B oF A ceo and giving him my feelings on his F-up bank,. Finally I moved with my family into a nice rental home down the street for a decent price of 1000.00 a month. A week later I got a call from the “Ceo’s office saying the extension was approved after the foreclosure sale date but they couldn’t get a hold of me in time!!!???? what?? I think Bof A thought they were going to make a profit from my home but what they got was a home that is half of what the mortgage was, in need of a lot of repairs. I am now happy about everything. B of A is a crook, and I wanted to tell my story because maybe some people are better off without the home. Now I feel free, and B of A is no longer tormenting me, I have a cheap house payment and I will buy another home eventually. I thought losing my home would be the end of the world but it has actually given me more freedom than I could imagine. You are all trying, and if they won’t help you and you lose your home, then that is nothing to be shameful about! I wish you all the best, and God bless you. Remember, it is only a material thing, keep your spirit and your sanity!

  7. Jean says:

    @ Sheila, My story mimicks your story. I was failed my Bank of America, Freddie Mac and NACA! I started my loan modification process 2009, with countrywide/BofA, I reached out to NACA 10/2009, since BofA, turned a deaf ear to me, after they called me 6/09, informing me that I was qualified for a “3mos trial period”, and that I would received trial docs in 2wks via federal Ex, ( never received docs, guess they are on a slow boat from china). March 2011, again BofA, offered a proposal which I accepted again, thru NACA, only to be told by BofA, they didn’t receive my acceptance of proposal,which they located and promised to send trial docs ( again no trial docs via Fed Ex) I contacted Freddie Mac, was told they have a rep. on site of BofA, and they would look into my case. Finally after dealing with BofA since 2009, they finally sent me a pkg via Fed Ex in Nov 2011, requesting 3mos bank statement, current utility bill and proof of income ( all this info had been sent numerous times to BofA via myself and NACA). I made numerous calls to BofA, Freddie Mac, and NACA. In the meanwhile my house was put in foreclosure status 3/09, while I was still in review. Finally on 3/2011 I was denied for HAMP. My home was auctioned 4/8/2011, to a 3rd party investor. TWO BUSINESS DAYS LATER, BofA CALLED ME, STATED THEY WERE CALLING TO RESCIND AUCTION SALE, AND TO HELP ME A LOAN MODIFICATION. I INFORMED THEM, THAT MY HOME HAD BEEN AUCTIONED 2 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR, THIS PERSON CLAIM SHE HAD NO IDEA OF THE AUCTION. SHE THEN CONTACTED THE “TRUSTEE ATTY”, THEY CONFIRMED THE SALE. PER BofA,”THEY COULDN’T HELP, SINCE HOME WAS AUCTIONED TO A 3rd PARTY! SO THANKS TO BANK OF AMERICA, FREDDIE MAC AND NACA, I NO LONGER HAVE MY “AMERICAN DREAM” BY THE WAY, I WAS LAID OFF MY JOB OF 38yrs and FORCED INTO DISABILITY RETIREMENT!

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