Court Transcript on 07/16/10

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The question in the Wright Vs. Bank of America case might not be about Bank of America metaphorically having the right to own the car, but might be more about if Bank of Abusing America has the right to run over, hit and abuse John Wright with the car.

The Federal Court Judge seems to answer the question of if Mr. Wright has a case or not.




  1. Jacob & Terri Loera says:

    Life sucks sometimes and theres nothing we can do about it. I’m glad to get to know you your a good guy. haven’t heard from Robert yet. went to check up on my house today i can see through the windows they have taken all the blinds down not sure what else they’ve done I know they’re gonna get rid of my house before we can stop them and we’ve never been given a chance. I’ve tried to call marlin Briscoll B of A’s advocate a couple of times after he left that one message but I haven’t gotten anywhere no calls back nothing figures. they do lie they rip peoples lives apart and it’s ok no sweat off them! I want to nail B of A to the wall I guess newspaper media and whatever else I come up. I’m not stopping. They deserve to fry in hell. Brian Moynihan, Marlin Briscoll, Michelle Redden and the host of others who have torn my family apart and other families I’ve sent emails to President Obama & Moynihan but thy’re ignored as usual some way to do business huh? Let’s just ignore the people and screw them over typical. hope I wasn’t to testy but gettin some things off my chest and speaking the truth

    Terri Loera & family

  2. Isabel S says:

    John, I truly hope you nail these lying, deceptive and greedy jerks. They have made my life a living hell and I am taking them to court. My attorney sent them a final demand letter which we are 100% sure they will not comply because it also asks for money, which they will not give without a fight. For months I have given them the opportunity to correct my account which they have failed to post some months I have paid and have proof that I did. They were trying to keep that money and then foreclose on me but I really have given them a hard time and filed claims with the Attorney General and I also have a case number with the Comptroller of the Currency. My file has been sitting in the Bank President’s office for months after a formal federal complaint from the Attorney General on my behalf and they are just ignoring it. They said they were going to give me a response to a resolution in a few days and that was weeks ago. They completely disregard the fact that they are STEALING our money. We pre-qualified for a loan mod in December and that has also been ignored. They lost my paperwork 3 times, they tell me that I am missing documents and have also stated that they have received all my paperwork many times as well and nothing has been done. Regardless, a loan mod will not help us because BofA will still take our house a few months later as they have done to many people that received a loan mod from them so that will not resolve anything anymore for us. They are cheating people. Can you believe that a representative in the President’s office boldly lied to my attorney? She could not believe it herself. If they will lie to an attorney, what treatment can be expected for the rest of us? They need to just go away and no longer exist. I have also sent many emails to Moynihan as Terri Loera has done and never received a response from him or any of the voltures in his office. As Terri said, they are ripping people’s lives apart and they have been given the power to do so. I hope that everyone that has been abused by BofA has a successful outcome. Bank of America: Bank of Opportunity, “their” opportunity to destroy and rip people off!!

  3. Sandra Larimore says:

    I call it Bank of SCAMerica; and the mod plan –

    MODE OF F-U CATION.. Sorry, sounds crude, I know. So many of us. What is it going to take to have Congress take a look at this? Don’t forget Fannie May and Freddie Mac are the owners, and BO Scamerica are their agents.

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