Blog About My Court Date 07/16/10

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The question in the Wright Vs. Bank of America case might not be about Bank of America metaphorically having the right to own the car, but might be more about if Bank of Abusing America has the right to run over, hit and abuse John Wright with the car.

The Federal Court Judge seems to answer the question of if Mr. Wright has a case or not in the court transcript.



  1. lori Schmerler says:

    Does the new B of A stop foreclosure in 23 states because no paperwork was ever read or reviewed on foreclosures have any credence or is it temporary?

    • wright4ulg says:

      Oh no it is very real, but who know how long it will take for them to re-check all those foreclosure documents. I mean that one lady said she as doing 8,000 a month. You would think they would have at least had two people doing it. My question is what about all those who were foreclosed on before under these circumstances? Can they sue? So that is what I am going to try and find.

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