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Fight Back And Use Your Freedom of Speech

Please send your Youtube Url to my email and I will post your Youtube link complaint for the Bank of America CEO to see when he is here. You may even send him an to tell him to come to to view it

Divided We May Have Fell! UNITED WE SHALL STAND!

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  1. William Rutherford says:

    I find the new idea of charging $5.00/month when I use my debit card outrageous. This is just another way BoA is trying to steal more money from its customers. I now have to again pay another fee to use my own money. I know there are administration cost, but why do all the increase cost have to be pass on to the customers when there is no increase in income or services to the customer. These are hard times for everyone. I am thinking of taking my small account from BoA and going to a credit union where there are fewer fees.

    William Rutherford, Columbia, SC

  2. Pat Martino says:

    Bank of America charged me $470.00 for a loan application when they new they were not working Southern California refinances. They were buried in New Loans and pushing refinances aside,yet charging credit cards. Even after I presented the proof I was compliant with all requirements. I submitted The e-mail from the loan officer as proof. Bank Of America was not working refinances they still refused to refund my $470.00 when I left for another Bank. Now they do not even have the decency to return e-mails or calls

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